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    hey the guys a liar and a thief, he has no intention of ever giving you back your money if he did you would have had it by now. I also said theres a lot of down and out gamblers in LV would do anything for a buck.
    Also Gene Its sad to say but this idiot Kaspar has already publicly said that FSL would never get a dime from their lawsuit, so you can probably respect nothing when you win yours also.

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    Hurricane Lasers will likely disappear, but John Kaspar won't. My prediction is that he'll drag this out without paying, fold the company and start a new one.
    The real telltale was when he employed the excuse that you'd threatened litigation. By far the cheapest and most expedient solution, and BEST business decision would have been to refund the money with a simple form for you to sign that pre-empted future litigation, PRIOR to you actually filing anything. That would take any competent atty less than an hour to pen and send off...

    Keep an eye out for a new company headed by him, possibly with the name Shell Game Lasers.
    Not that i am defending hurricane but, a 2.7M judgment and another suit to collect on the original...not sure how hurricane even has the ability to refund or deliver to anyone right now. Although they are marketing a Storm hobbyist laser.
    Good Technology Without Good Service Will Be Bad Technology

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    VIP Lasers
    848 N Rainbow Blvd Suite 132
    Las Vegas, NV

    couldn't find any reviews or info...
    Could this be Hurricane Lasers / World-Lasers reincarnated?
    Good Technology Without Good Service Will Be Bad Technology

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    Buyer Beware

    Here is incontrovertible public evidence based on searches that the Kaspars are indeed behind VIP
    Go to:
    Win $10,000 to customize your own Laser Cutter/Engraver
    click on "Read full rules" you'll see -> "... Employees of Laser Focus, LLC dba VIP Lasers (the "Sponsor")
    Searching FANTASMA
    You see:
    Managing Member - JOHN KASPAR
    Managing Member - TRACI KASPAR

    For any prospective customers who are in danger of working with VIP we wish to inform you of the VIP / Hurricane connection and Hurricane's past crimes and let you make your own decision.

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    Re: Hurricane Laser response to the community.

    Looks like I'm 2 years late to find this thread while looking up info about Full Spectrum Laser, and after reading this thread and the previous one about Gene's troubles with the Kaspars, I am saddened to see this type of a scam take place. Not wanting to dig up old wounds, I hope Gene found some resolution with this character. I'm curious to find out what happened next (after spending the last few hours reading page after page of this thrilling story). If this finds you, it appears your makerspace is up in full swing and rather successful I might say, so I am happy to find out you eventually moved on and found success in your ventures.

    I found the old court documents of 2013-2014 while looking up John and his wife Traci (facebook.com/traci.kaspar) (it appears they are still at it today with their current company Laser Depot USA, with a previous stint as VIP Lasers), and looks like the husband and wife have both had unethical business practices for years. John's mention of having "differing opinions on business practices", actually meant that he had stolen, sabotaged, extorted and defrauded his former employer in order to directly compete with it. He had taken the job as CFO of Full Spectrum while lying that he was a certified public accountant (requirement for the position), had hired a fake webdesign company to build and maintain their website in which he secretly owned (ran by his wife and daughter; Jenesis Designs), in doing so had full access to trade secrets/contacts/clients/strategies and proprietary information that led to his formation of Hurricane Laser in Florida while still employed by FSL (in order to compete, all while under an NDA), months later he quit the company to focus full time on Hurricane, but continued to steal data as he had full access to their email servers and sabotaged/deleted their data, and stolen/diverted its clients. This case was won in FSL's favor.

    Unfortunately many people have been scammed by this couple (not just you), and probably continue to do so to this day from their businesses in Las Vegas...

    I wish you well and anyone else who has been hurt by this.

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