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    Hy6040 5axis CNC

    Hi I am new here.
    I am a university student. Recently, our university brought a china 6040 5axis CNC and we figured that there is no post processor included. I searched on the internet but I didn't find the suitable post processor. I want to do the project with that machine. By the way, I am now using 'NX12' software. If you have a post processor for our machine, would you please share it with us. Thank for your attention and sorry for bad english.
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    Re: Hy6040 5axis CNC

    Here are some informaiton I searched online, I hope it's useful for you ruys.
    5 Axis CNC Router is a machining center with high technology content and high precision for processing complex curved surfaces. The 5 axis CNC Router has high efficiency and high precision, and the workpiece can be assembled at one time. It can adapt to the processing of modern molds such as auto parts and aircraft structural parts. Different from the pentahedron machining center, 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine has five axes of X, Y, Z, A, and C. The X, Y, Z and A, C axis form a 5 axis linkage machining. They are good at space surface machining, profile machining, hollow machining, punching, inclined holes, and beveling. The pentahedron machining center is similar to the three-axis machining center, except that it can make five faces at the same time, but it can’t be shaped, slanted, cut, etc.

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