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    Exclamation Hypertherm HPR260XD Cooling problem!

    Hello all, First sorry for my bad English. I have a cnc plasma machine made by Pierce Control equipped with an HPR260XD, Few days ago everything was working fine. Today when I switched on my HPR unite, water started leaking from the torch, I replaced the check valve, solenoid valve, and the bypass valve. Same problem, water keeps leaking from the torch, also the reservoir whenever I turn on the unit, it starts bubbling and swelling. I tried everything yet the problem haven't been fixed! I contacted my machine manufacture support, they had no idea what causing this issue, they told me to replace the valve which I already did, so any one have an idea what causing this problem?! and thanks in advance.

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    Re: Hypertherm HPR260XD Cooling problem!

    I take it that you have a water cooled machine torch? Some years ago i had a customer with such a torch and it started leaking. We had a battle trying to
    solve it and eventually had to replace the body of the torch...at considerable expense The brass/bronze thread insert into which the torch consumables screwed
    developed a leak between the plastic/bakelite stuff of the body proper and the insert, where the adhesion between the plastic and brass had broken down.

    The water played merry hell with the plasma and wrecked consumables rapidly so the leak just HAD to be fixed.


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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Re: Hypertherm HPR260XD Cooling problem!

    We had exactly the same thing happen with our HPR130XD recently, we cleands the head as best we could and then replaced all the consumables in it and luckily that fixed the problem.

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