We have a '95 HIT-8S that we bought last summer and after testing it out, it seemed to work ok. We were busy with other things and didn't take the time to set it up until this summer. After moving it to another location in the shop, it's giving us a problem. When we push the spindle (forward and reverse) buttons on the operator panel, it works; it spins at 40 rpm in both directions. When we use MDA and type in G96 S40 (or any other speed) M3 and hit cycle start, it rocks a tiny bit and then an error code pops up: '20140 ORD1 speed setpt value alarm limit responded'. Here is what the Siemens diagnostic manual for 840C controls says:

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I'm not sure if it is related but the main contactor from the spindle drive to the motor was buzzing, so I replaced it after cleaning it didn't fix it. It contacts when the spindle runs it just doesn't buzz anymore. Any thoughts?:drowning: