Hi All,

I have error 368 X AXIS : SERIAL DATA ERROR (INT)

I also had 364 X AXIS : SOFT PHASE ALARM (INT)

I got same problem 368 & 364 Alarams.

Actually, First we tried to connect RS232 cable.But didn't succeed being parameter protected. After this I worked (machined on foam material) 20 mintus on machine. I have seen these two Alaram after 1 hour. 364 Alaram gone after pressed the reset button or restarted the machine.But there is still have SV0368 X serial data error int alaram. They checked the cable by multimeter .it's good. They were saying cable is good.

Note: I also would like to know that there is have any possibility of this Alaram being RS232 Cable. May be cable was faulty. Is it possible failure of amplifier control Card or pluscoder etc??. Because somebody was saying to me Its happened being your RS232 cable.
This alram have any possibility being changed any parameter.

Hoping that someone can help.

Any and all help is much appreciated. Please reply as soon as possible.


Hassan Raza