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    Exclamation I NEED HELP D: My Machine is not moving correctly.

    I have been having issues with the y-axis of my machine. When I move the machine along the y-axis the bearings seem to catch.
    I have searched through a number of forums and attempted several of the suggested fixes for this problem like loosening and tightening the set screws but I still can’t seem to get it to work properly.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Arrow Re: I NEED HELP D: My Machine is not moving correctly.

    1. machine manufacturer and type: Langmuir Systems CNC Plasma
    2. year of manufacture: 2019
    3. machine model: Crossfire
    4. control brand and model: Artsoft Mach3
    5. any machinery options/ accessories if they play into the issue: Everything on my machine are original factory parts

    Mechanical help.
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    Re: I NEED HELP D: My Machine is not moving correctly.

    It's probably a mechanical ptoblem. Plasma cutting is a very messy process, and little bits of slag fly everywhere. With all the exposed screws and slides your pictures show, it's not surprising that some of them would lodge in inconvenient places and impede smooth motion. Try inspecting and cleaning all your bearings, slides, and screws, and the mating surfaces they're supposed to run on. If you get it back to running right, consider providing some bellows or other barrier systems to prevent this from happening again.
    Andrew Werby

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