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    Post I need help with 3KW BT30 ATC Spindle

    I recently bought a chinese Lusintun 3KW BT30 ATC 8Pole 220V 3 phase spindle motor, Rated Freq is 400HZ and max Frequency is 1200HZ for 18000rpm, the VFD is a 3.7KW H-100 220V, I am having torque issues, this spindle was a replacement for my old 2.2KW 24000rpm ER20 spindle but the new spindle seems to have no torque on the high end (7000rpm to 18000rpm) and it seems it has torque at the lower end but according to the information i have received from the supplier it should have most of its torque at the high end. VFD settings are as correct as my understanding of the chinglish user manual. Any help would be appreciated.
    Also may be worth noting that i do not know much about 3 phase motors in general and that this vfd was recommended by the supplier to be used with the spindle but on the spindle user manual it says to only use with V/F drive and not vector control though on the vfd manual it says vector control drive(there is a setting for this but not sure how it works).
    VFD settings are as follows:

    f001 - 1
    f002 - 1
    f003 - 400
    f004 - 400
    f005 - 1200
    f006 - 2.5
    f007 - 0.5
    f008 - 220
    f009 - 15
    f010 - 8
    f011 - 50
    f012 - 0 (unsure about this setting, from the factory it is "vector" and it works but i set it to V/F)
    f070 - 0
    f140 - 3
    f141 - 220
    f142 - 13
    f143 - 8
    f144 - 750 (this is motor speed at 50hz which i worked out to be 750?)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screenshot 2024-06-30 172316.jpg   Screenshot 2024-06-30 172302.jpg   Screenshot 2024-06-30 172227.jpg   Screenshot 2024-06-30 172157.jpg  

    Screenshot 2024-06-30 172028.jpg  

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