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    I Use Planet CNC and it Works Great

    Hi friends!
    Have a MK2/4 from 2010-2011 aprrox... All works fine, but Im feeling that want a bit more... For example: Sometimes I use artcam software for 3D, and controller works not fine. a lot of acceleration and deccelerations, stops. Curvy is broken and machine vibrating as beast. But if I use powermill software all good. Second issue - time of machining... I dont know why, but chineese A11 or Purelogic PLMC-e4 machining time is smaller. Third issue - when I mill circular parts from alluminum I can see flats and vertex, co it is not circle, it is multycorner figure.

    Why MK3 is better than MK2 answer me please! I m think for upgrade, but not ready for risk, maybe purelogik plmc-e3 | e4 will be better than MK3
    Thank you!

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    Re: I Use Planet CNC and it Works Great

    Please send your g-code and settings to our email: support (at) planet-cnc .com
    I will check why there are vibrations and I'll estimate cutting time with Mk3.
    Mk3 with TNG is much more advanced.

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