Do you have difficulties with data collection from CNC machines and production lines?

1. Are you looking for an easy solution to find out how long the NC machine is running, is it idle, what product is it running and how many pieces have been completed?

2. Would you like the data to be easily and simply in a database where you can use it the way you want?

3. Many systems offer complex production data collection where you must acquire an entire extensive system, even if you only want data in a database where you can search using basic applications (Excel, PowerBI, etc.)

4. You are acquiring production data collection, but the 3rd party is not familiar with machine tool data collection?

IguDATASync is a solution to all of these!

IguDATASync enables automatic data collection from e.g., Fanuc, Mazak, Siemens, Heidenhain, etc., CNC machine directly via ethernet to the database. You need the MTConnect option for the machines, but it can also be purchased from us for part of the NC controls, if the machine does not have it.

We can also collect data from the production line, robots, and other devices with the help of Siemens PLC connections. We read data from the logic to the database, just as we read directly from the NC machine. In this case, someone naturally must connect at least the drive, alarm and power on and, if desired, a piece is ready- signals (DC 24V)


- Make your own reports using Excel or PowerBi from our compatible databases, where the data has been put in a suitable format, making it easy to read.

- Easily integrate the data obtained through IguDataSync into your other systems.

- Reduce downtime: Our data collection helps to reduce downtime by providing information about possible problems or unused devices through the analysis of historical data.

Contact us today: Contact us at and we will tell you in more detail how easily this can be done with IguDATASync.


In practice, you need to install the database (Ms SQL) yourself and tell us the control of the machine tool, so we can create an installation package which you simply install on a Windows workstation or server on the same network as the machine tool (or PLC).

We can help with our documents. We know the IP address settings of the interface and the NC machine very well. In practice, we ourselves have installed different systems on thousands of machines.

We have been doing this for over 20 years and have documented instructions for setting up the network and where the interface is for the various NC control types.

If you're serious, it costs nothing to try. Only your work input for database installations, as well as installation according to our instructions. After 60 days, you can decide whether to continue collecting data. We can make a 60-day trial license for the installation.

If necessary, we can help remotely with the installation of the database and our own programs running on a Windows workstation or server, but the goal is that you can do the installation independently when it suits you.

We only sell to companies. Not for individuals.

On our website, you can look at what we have built using the data we have collected. For example, the powerBI point in the middle of the top row is the diagrams made with about 2 hours of work with the expertise of a basic engineer. You can click on the picture to see our diagram example in more detail. Remember. How the diagram looks is not relevant in this example. We easily collect data from e.g., Fanuc machine tools, so you too can make such a diagram. The ease of getting data is the most important thing here!
or just see the video

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We are a small company, and it is easy to talk to us as we know the stuff we do ourselves.