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    IJ mode in Mach 3

    I have had a problem posting from Solidcam to Mach 3. After searching online I have found that it is a common problem and that the IJ mode is set to absolute mode instead of incremental IJ mode.

    I have put G91.1 in the G code and it sorts out the problem. Apparently I can change the mode by going to General Config in Mach 3... however I cannot find a general config in Mach 3. There doesn't seem to be anything under the config menu that will do it.

    How do I do this in Mach 3 so that I don't have to edit the Gcode everytime?


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    How old is your version of Mach3? In old (really old) versions, you can find what you're looking for in Config > State.

    However, adding G91.1 to your g-code is a much better choice than just changing it in Mach3. As the IJ mode is modal, if you load any g-code that has a G90.1, it'll reset the IJ mode to absolute.
    Having G91.1 in your g-code will insure that Mach3 runs the code correctly regardless of the state of the IJ mode when you load the g-code.
    What you should do is edit your post processor to have it automatically add the G91.1.

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    Gerry is right, but here is where I found it.

    On dropdown menu
    General Config
    Near center of page, Statup Modals
    IJ Mode, tick Inc.
    or in the initialization string add G91.1
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    Re: IJ mode in Mach 3

    cannot find a general config in Mach 3 ... SAME PROBLEM

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    Re: IJ mode in Mach 3

    hy, if you wish, i can create an app to handle automatically the IJs / kindly
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