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    Question image to g -code

    i want to write a program in visual basic or c++ to convert image to G-code by using mouse . please can any one help or give idea about that .thanks a lot

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    Re: image to g -code


    Just as a matter of curiosity.

    Are you planning to add that program to some software package?

    Please do not misunderstand me but there are a number of online programs that do that already.

    it might also be possible that you need to generate the g-code listing in a certain pattern.

    I´m currently working in a new quilting machine based on the so called free motion quilters. The idea is to have the machine sew patterns taken from pictures or drawings. Perhaps even some embroidery.

    At this point I´m most concerned with the mechanics of the machine.

    Regarding the software it is a variant of the software I already use for other CNC applications like frame and chain quilters and mills and lathes.

    I might eventually design a program to do the same as yours.

    One thing that you should know if you don´t already know it, is that the conversion programs turn the images into a miriad of very small straight lines. That generates very large files. As an example please take a look at the posted files.

    Note: the actual file name for Mustang.txt is Mustang.NGC but to upload it I had to change the name.

    Please don´t feel discouraged.

    Being out there a large number of word processors I myself wrote a small one that I include in my software packages. All to avoid using software written by others probably incurring in some copyright infringements.

    Regards and good luck.

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    Re: image to g -code

    If your machine runs LinuxCNC it will accept an image file and generate the Gcode to cut that image.It takes a little time with a complicated image but works well.

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    Re: image to g -code

    thanks for replying ... iam student and work on program and I am trying in visual basic and c++ to convert image to g-code can you give idea please I am in trouble with time and need a rescue

    - - - Updated - - -

    thanks bro. iam working in cnc arduino with stepper motor nema 17 and cnc shield v3

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