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Impedance control technologies are quite important in high-speed digital circuit design in which effective methods must be adopted to ensure the excellent performance of high-speed PCB. The impedance of a PCB is largely determined by some factors, such as trace width, copper thickness, dielectric thickness, dielectric constant. Impedance, generally measured in Ohms. We must control the resistance and reactance of an electrical circuit to ensure the quality of signal in the complex design. For example single-ended impedance 50 ohm ±10%, differential impedance 100ohm ±10%.

Impedance Control PCB is too complicated? No worry! JHY PCB engineers can help you at any time as we have three shifts. Free stack-up and impedance calculations can be offered upon request. We will work with your engineering team at the conceptual level of the PCB design to assist you to get better results in controlling impedance by choosing the suitable laminate and layer stack up.

Why Impedance Control PCB can be shipped timely all the time? As common materials are stored well in JHY PCB warehouse regularly. We have heavy copper thickness, 2oz, 3oz or more. Odd copper thickness H/1 oz, H/2 oz, 1/2 oz. Foil: 1/4 oz, H oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz.

If you need order Impedance Control PCB, just make notes in Readme file, and send it together with Gerber, our engineer will take care of it. Have a try!