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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Postprocessor for CAM > imspost for catia need help.
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    Oct 2023

    imspost for catia need help.

    I am new on here. Nice to meet you.
    I've come this far to answer your questions..

    I am using an outdated version of imspost7.2i,
    machine files are being created.
    The software used is CATIA,
    The 5-axis(X.Y.Z.B,C) controller is a Fanuc 31i-B5.

    It outputs G68.2(3+2axis) by default and G43.4 (RTCP) if needed.
    SAMPLE file that outputs 68.2 by default and uses G43.4 (RTCP) when needed.

    I need your help.

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    Re: imspost for catia need help.

    here we are to help you

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    Oct 2023

    Re: imspost for catia need help.

    Thank you for your response.

    Can you also help me with IMS POST?


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