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    Indicators Calibration

    Firstly, I'm sorry that my english is not good.
    I would like to post an article regarding indicators calibration

    Newly purchased indicators or after a period of use should be calibrated.

    The calibration performed

    Check out.
    Technical inspection and measuring force
    Check measurement: check total errors, component errors and error recovery; repeatability test.

    Environmental conditions

    When performing the calibration, the following conditions must be met:

    For comparison meters with a value of 0,001 mm; 0.002 mm:
    + Temperature: (20 ± 3) oC;

    + Humidity: (50 ± 15)% RH.

    For a meter with a value of 0.01 mm:
    + Temperature: (20 ± 8) oC;

    + Humidity: (50 ± 20)% RH.

    Calibration Device Clock So

    Gauge Blocks.
    Pillar heaps of lakes.
    Force measuring device with division value ? 0.02 N or scale meter with division value ? 2 g

    For more details, please refer to this article: https://www.techmaster.com.vn/blogs/...uan-dong-ho-so (sorry it's not translated into English yet)

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    Re: Indicators Calibration

    I think all of thing you need, you can find it from here: https://tktech.vn/dong-ho-do-quy-trinh-fluke-726/

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