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    Inlay tearout

    Help! I built a machine after watching YouTube videos and reading online. I got it to run a program, and tried to carve an inlay. I am using a brand new 30 degree 1/4 inch bit, on a spindle running at 12000RPM at 60IPM feed rate. I'm carving in half inch mahogany. I've tried several times to carve the wood, and it always rips the wood to bits. What am I doing wrong?

    I've posted the image from Aspire, and the actual carving.
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    Re: Inlay tearout

    No image but run the program again and that will probably clean it up. You can drop Z by 0.001" for the second pass if you like.
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    Re: Inlay tearout

    Are you conventional cutting or climb cutting?It might help to try the alternative if the grain is causing the tearing.I don't think 0.001" will do much cleaning if the tearing is already present-I use 0.3mm as a typical cleanup pass.

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