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    Inlay With fusion 360


    Is there someone has a tutorial to do inlay with fusion 360 in detail... ?
    What i want to do is basically what you can see on the youtube channel "Broinwood"
    its cutting board with precise inlay.
    i will need to use a 18 or 20 degre Vbit, 60 is too big and i dont have 45 degre.
    or if no tutorial i need to know which passes i should use for each part, inlay and pocket. and some detail about setting for each passes.

    I already know that the inlay have to be longer than the pocket.
    Mostly i need to know how to tell fusion 360 to carve that angle nicely on both side.

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: Inlay With fusion 360

    I've asked the same question, even sent Lars Christensen the link to Broinwood's channel but I don't think he's made a video yet. I bought Carveco and have done these inlays with that software but I would still like to do them with Fusion 360.
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    Re: Inlay With fusion 360

    So its way more complicated to do with fusion 360 than carveco or Vcarve ?
    Which software you would advice to a beginner then ? (im beginner but i learn fast and i feel this activitie will be my passion )

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