Machines I need to program for:
-Amada EMK3612 Turret Punch Press
-Multicam Plasma Table with HyperTherm power source

CAM Software we currently use (might be replacing)

As of right now, I use Sigma for these two machines relatively seamlessly. They released a new update this month and now that we have updated to it, there's a possibility all 2 years of work is useless due to some kind of error or bug in the update that is affecting our turret tool list. All of our actual NC programs that we have saved for that machine are unchanged and still work, but if they need adjustments or additions to any of our 660 Workspaces, I will have to start it from scratch.

Long story short, my supervisor has asked me to shop around for a possible replacement for SigmaNEST in the case that they do not resolve this issue.

So far, compatible softwares I've found are:
-Striker Systems

I've also seen many posts recommending Metamation, but want to expand my search into this forum. What CAM do you guys use and what kind of machines do you have? Would you recommend what you currently have?