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    Installing Aspire on MultiCam 3000

    Good Morning,
    My son has a Multicam 3000 with a 60" by 144" bed and an 8 tool changer. He has been running the Enroute 3D cam program with is really lacking in performance. He is looking for install the Aspire program by Vetric or the Vcarve which used to be Artcam from Autocad. Does any one have experience in how it is installed so it can be configured to the Multicam CNC. We are located in London Ontario if anyone can help or direct us to a tech person who is able to do this type of work. He uses it primarily for Corian manufacturing.

    David VanderSchaaf
    London Ontario Canada

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    Re: Installing Aspire on MultiCam 3000

    Aspire and V Carve are both by Vectric.
    Carvco used to be Artcam.

    Either one should come with a post processor for that macine, which will output gcode to work with that machine.
    Installing the software is just like any other software. Nothing special required.

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