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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Uncategorised CAM Discussion > Intel I5 vs I9 in toolpath calculation time?
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    Intel I5 vs I9 in toolpath calculation time?

    Will I save a lot of time in toolpath calculation if I buy a faster pc with a faster motherboard and a faster cpu?
    Anyone here with experience?

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    Re: Intel I5 vs I9 in toolpath calculation time?

    You could use Task Manager to see if you get 100% CPU load when calculating now. If you have low CPU usage during the calculation, I would not expect to see much if any gain.
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    Re: Intel I5 vs I9 in toolpath calculation time?

    I have a new i5 that's way faster than my old i7.
    It's going to depend on the software you're using. It might be a big difference, or it could be zero difference.
    If you are comparing processors from different generations, the newer one will most likely be better.

    As fast as my i5 is, I certainly wouldn't spend the money for an i9.

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