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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Intelitek Promill 800 For Sale

    This came out of duke university. It had some issues with it when I purchased it but I have it back to a fully working state. (For those of you interested, it required a new servo motor driver and servo motor on the z-axis). I bought them in a pair, and it turns out just the motor was bad. So I have a spare driver to include that will work for any of the 3 axis and I'll also include the bad motor as well. The machine is located in my shop in Raleigh, NC

    Machine only had wax and dust it in when I received it. I have only used it a handful of times so as far as I can tell it is like new.

    Happy to answer any questions, and I understand this is a pretty low effort sales post. For anyone seriously interested I'm happy to provide more details. I am asking $9000 for the machine.

    The add ons it has are:
    -4 tool table mounted ATC
    -Pneumatic drawbar
    -Manual jog pendant
    -Pneumatic vise
    -Pneumatic shield

    Like I said happy to answer any questions. I may also be listing the slant pro lathe in the photo as well, not sure on that one yet...
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