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    Introducing instant access CAD software by the hour - no subscription required

    Infinite-Compute.com would like to announce that we now offer 2D and 3D CAD and Graphics software by the hour.


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    Re: Introducing instant access CAD software by the hour - no subscription required

    Interesting concept. I read thru your FAQ but it didn’t address this point. When accessing Fusion 360 for example, the system is all cloud based. The designs are all stored in the cloud. So I gather that you pop on to a licensed fusion 360 site to do work then get off and it terminates. What happens to the files that are saved on the Fusion site? I don’t think saving them to another cloud storage device would work.

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    Re: Introducing instant access CAD software by the hour - no subscription required

    Dean448, great questions; I'm glad you asked.

    So currently we offer a few different CAD and 3D modeling titles, of which Fusion360 is only one of. The version of Fusion360 we currently have is a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) title; other titles are full commercial licenses. You can tell by the BYOL label on the corner of the Fusion360 icon.

    What this means is that you will need your own payed, valid Fusion360 account to use it.

    The reason we offer Fusion360 BYOL is that we want to give you choice; so we offer different performance levels in terms of CPUs, RAM and even graphics cards. So for example if you are trying to render or post process a tool-path on a slower computer you can select a higher performance computer to use than perhaps you own.

    To answer your other question; when you login to a title on Infinite-Compute.com you have the option of attaching a cloud drive like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox to your session. This allows you to open, save, import and export files depending on the software you have chosen to run. For the case of Fusion360 you will still save to Fusion360's cloud storage the same as usual (requires you to have a valid Fusion360 account). However if you want to import or export a file to or from Fusion360 you are able to save to one of the cloud drives I mentioned above.

    We do not store any data created during your session, so make sure you save anything of value to you before you exit. Once you exit the session we clear your data and your data is gone forever.

    We do store your e-mail address, however we do not store your credit card information. You can feel good knowing we use Stripe to process your payment as they are one of the larger payment processing companies out there and are PCI DSS compliant.

    The best part about using Fusion360 as a BYOL option is that you have choice. You can use Fusion360 on a lower performance laptop, some tablets (we recommend keyboard and mouse); and most importantly you can setup time intensive tasks on higher performance machines, or even let them run up while you use your computer to do something else. This allows you to work with large models and assemblies and choose what is best for a given project. We currently offer up to 24 CPU cores, 120 GB of RAM for CPU only, and 16 Cores and 60 GB RAM with up to 24 GB of video memory.

    I hope this answers your questions. We'll add your questions to our FAQ. If you have any more questions you can contact us on the CNCZone forum or you can e-mail us by clicking the contact link at the upper right corner of our website Infinite-Compute

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