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    Introducing the ALL NEW MIRA 9 by Aeon Laser

    Hey Guys,

    It's been a very busy end of year here at Engraving Machines Plus and I apologize if I've fallen a bit behind on my replies to all of you with laser questions. We have been super busy filling orders and working closely with Aeon to continue improving their line of CO2 lasers. It's been a long time coming, but we're finally seeing the evolution of the Chinese CO2 laser unfold right before us.

    With just a few minutes of research, you can quickly see the market is flooded with both low-end and high-end CO2 lasers. You're either spending an arm and a leg for a CO2 laser made by one of the "Big Three" or you're rolling the dice overseas and hoping you don't get stuck with a lemon. Aeon is filling a very special spot in the CO2 laser industry, particularly for companies and individuals that prefer a mid-level product that is still reasonably priced and comes along with US based after-sale support.

    The all new MIRA 9 (below) was designed for those who would like a large format CO2 laser, but still need it to fit through a standard doorway. It's perfect for sign shops, schools and just about any business or startup that requires an ample processing area. The MIRA 9 is the largest bench top model in production and it is just loaded with upgrades!

    <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/MIRA%209%20(31).jpg" alt="New Tempered Glass Lid" width="396" height="297"> <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/Mira%20Cabinet.jpg" alt="Made for Precision" width="396" height="297">

    As opposed to the previous models, Aeon has replaced the poly-carbonate lid with a more durable and scratch resistant one made from tempered glass. Coupled with a few gas shocks and a nice rubber seal, the new lid is more snug than ever. Plus, for added safety the pass-thru is now able to be locked with the addition of two latches. All models come standard with a motorized up/down table, auto focus sensor, red beam combiner, integrated exhaust fan, integrated water chiller, integrated air assist and WiFi. Aeon has high expectations for the MIRA 9 which now features an upgraded, built-in water chiller and temperature display reminiscent of the CW-5000 most people end up having to purchase. Furthermore, the built-in air pump has been upgraded to 105W and the exhaust fan has been upgraded to 330W for maximum air flow.

    <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/MIRA%209%20(22).jpg" alt="Built-in Chiller with Temp Display" width="396" height="297"> <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/MIRA%209%20(20).jpg" alt="Built-in 330W Exhaust Fan" width="396" height="297">

    The motorized up/down table now comes with a both blade and honeycomb table.You will also notice that Aeon uses their Clean Pack design on all their models to fully enclose their gantry and linear guide rails so that you can operate at high output levels without tedious cleaning or routine maintenance. To top it off, the MIRA 9 has also been upgraded to include a down draft table. The message is clear, Aeon has designed the MIRA 9 to not only serve as a wide format engraver, but also a true wide format laser cutting machine.

    <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/MIRA%209%20(23).jpg" alt="Clean Pack Design and Honeycomb Table" width="396" height="297"> <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/MIRA%209%20(26).jpg" alt="Ugraded Down Draft and Blade Table" width="396" height="297">

    In addition to all the new upgrades, the MIRA 9 is now officially a Class 1 laser. This means that all the access panels to the cabinet are protected by lock and key or in the case of the lid, an interlocking proximity sensor. The main power button has also been replaced with an actual keyed ignition, making it the perfect CO2 laser for schools or corporations with higher safety standards.

    <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/MIRA%209%20(27).jpg" alt="Class 1 Laser Cabinet" width="396" height="297"> <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/MIRA%209%20(21).jpg" alt="Keyed Ignition" width="396" height="297">

    Last but not least, the MIRA 9 has prompted a redesign of the optional stand, which is a lot more appealing than its predecessor. Aeon is also in the final stages of completing their very own integrated fume extractor cabinet that is rumored to work extremely well at filtering harmful fumes and will also double as a stand.

    <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/MIRA%209%20(14).jpg" alt="MIRA 9 Optional Stand Front" width="396" height="297"> <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/MIRA%209%20(17).jpg" alt="MIRA 9 Optional Stand Back" width="396" height="297">

    Aeon's bench top series is available in a 300x500 (MIRA 5), 450x700 (MIRA 7) and now a 600x900 (MIRA 9) bed size. All models come equip with high speed digital stepper motors to deliver 5Gs of acceleration and engraving speeds up to 1200 mm/sec, about 3 times the scan speed of its Chinese competitors. Unlike most CO2 lasers, the MIRA series can be ordered with either a 30W metal RF or an economical glass laser tube ranging from 40W to 130W. Having this much flexibility allows us to offer solutions across a wide range of budgets and applications.

    What more can you ask for? How about free startup training and unlimited technical support with the purchase of every machine? We've been at this for over 10 years now and are among the most trusted engraving machine suppliers in the United States. Pre-order your MIRA 9 before 12/31 and you'll save $1,000 off your total purchase. The first batch of pre-orders are due in early January to kick off the new year with the second batch of pre-orders not too far behind that.

    As always, if you have any questions or would like to see how any of the Aeon models stack up to another brand you've been eyeing, feel free to reach out to us. We spend our work days selling, building, tuning, repairing and modifying CO2 and fiber lasers. We can answer almost any question you can throw at us and can certainly make the buying process a whole lot easier for you, regardless of your expertise.

    Danny Martinez
    Engraving Machines Plus, Corp.
    (321) 821-7774
    Melbourne, FL

    <img src="https://engravingmachinesplus.3dcartstores.com/assets/images/EMP_Logo_2_Small.png" alt="(321) 821-7774">

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    Re: Introducing the ALL NEW MIRA 9 by Aeon Laser

    What kind of pricing are on these machines? I've been checking them out online......nice looking machine.

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    Question Introducing the ALL NEW MIRA 9 by Aeon Laser

    Hi all!

    I'm sorry,I'm new to laser/light based tools, but could somebody advise me if this possible to DIY laser engraving machine with techs from measure tools?? I mean, to disassemble laser level and use it for engraving purposes? Or their out power will be not enough for such crafts - for metallic surfaces? I want to interest my kid to be more familiar with tech devices like this so I guess it's not the worst way...

    The machine you represented here I think is co$t colossal $um, I doubt I can afford it, but it looks very serious and professional!

    Thank you in advance!

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    Please focus on www.aeonlaser.net, maybe we would push out a new type that could deal with metallic materials.

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    Re: Introducing the ALL NEW MIRA 9 by Aeon Laser

    MIRA9 is a commercial-grade desktop laser, it is much more powerful, with a chiller instead of cooler inside, it can run continuously without any problems. It can meet your requirements for speed, power and running time. And further, it can install a more powerful laser tube for deep cutting. It will be a very good choice for small businesses.

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    Re: Introducing the ALL NEW MIRA 9 by Aeon Laser

    When you need a premium Class 1 machine but have limited space then you need a Mira 9. Offering a larger work table and a deeper Z depth than Mira for clients who need a little more space. It is full functionality, sleek design and a sensible price its the worlds most desirable desktop laser engraving machine. Available in Glass Tube/Metal or Ceramic Tube tube options. get know more about shopify creating a test order

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