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    IPG Laser:System Error!

    I had a Chinese Fiber laser unit for 2 years
    Model: DTML-F(I)Pulsed Fiber Laser 5w-30w, IPG-YLP Control Card, EZCAD 2.5.3

    After initial power-up:

    I/o 4 input is on, light fires OK, but Marking is very Weak, I/o 4 input turns off.
    the second try to mark Ezcad displays "IPG Laser:System Error!"

    I believe either the software is not set up correctly, or the Laser Source is bad.

    please guide me what is the problem and how to fix it
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    Re: IPG Laser:System Error!

    sorry to wake this thread up but did you figure out this issue i am having the same issue with my Raycus 30w laser

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    Re: IPG Laser:System Error!

    Turn on your laser source. I've had that error plenty of times and it's always when I forget to turn on the switch. If the switch is on then start checking to see if you have power to this source.

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    Re: IPG Laser:System Error!

    I am also facing same issue in IPG Ylp 30w, I am also using same Ecad 2.14 software and same way there is one errors showing in machine “Fiber laser system error ” so if anyone have a Solutation then please let me help and tell me the reason and solution for the same

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    Re: IPG Laser:System Error!

    It seems to be the  Laser Marking Software error, the software installed is EZCAD , you can visit www.ezcad.net to contact the manufacturer.

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