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    Is 10W laser safe on 3018 pro CNC?


    I have a Chinese CNC 3018 pro with a 2.5W laser that works well.

    I'm thinking of upgrading to a 10W laser however I'm unsure if this is safe or suitable for the Chinese control boards that come with these 3018 pro machines. I often see them sold with a 5.5W laser or less, but seldom with a 10W laser, and was wondering if there's a reason for this?

    The laser Im looking at appears to be a simple replacement for my current laser, with just a three pin cable (+,-,pwm) connecting it to the CNC control board. There doesn't seem to be any external power supply that comes with the laser and the driver is built into the top of the laser.

    Are the control boards of these 3018 pro machines typically able to supply enough power to a 10W laser safely without overheating or killing the control board? Should I stick with the more common 5.5W laser instead?

    Advice or opinions from anyone greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Is 10W laser safe on 3018 pro CNC?

    Here's one opinion, for what it's worth.

    That machine should have no trouble powering a 10W laser; the 775=profile spindle motor in the router version of the same machine is rated for 288W no-load and far higher power during startup. If still in doubt, build a tiny driver board with a MOSFET to switch the laser on/off, so none of the laser power is routed through the machine's PC board.

    EDIT: I see that AliExpress currently offers that machine with a 15W laser:


    -- Tim --

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    Re: Is 10W laser safe on 3018 pro CNC?

    Thanks Tim, great response!!
    OK so I purchased it and it works fine, like you said.
    Doesnt seem to engrave as good as the 2.5W unless I run it at very high power which was unexpected, but it can cut through 3mm plywood with a few passes, unlike the 2.5W, so I'm pretty happy between the two lasers.
    Thanks again!

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    Re: Is 10W laser safe on 3018 pro CNC?


    Glad to help when I can.

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