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    Question Is Cracked tube end repairable

    Hi, I wonder if someone could please advise me. Today I switched my laser cutting machine on to cut something (I don't normally do the machine operating, I normally do the designing, so I'm a bit clueless), the next thing I knew there was water everywhere. I searched for the source of the water and found it was spraying out of an hairline crack on the end of the laser tube, photos attached.

    I wonder, can the end bit be purchased and replaced or can the crack be safely filled with some kind of waterproof filler/glue stuff or do I need to buy a new tube. Fingers crossed its not a new tube as this one has only been used for about 40 hours

    Thank you in advance any assistance would be appreciated

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    Re: Is Cracked tube end repairable

    I would go back to the manufacturer and see if they would replace it. Keep in mind that the red wire is over 20kv and you don’t want to mix that with water. Even if you found a good glue do you want to risk that it springs a leak some day in the direction of that wire?

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