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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > Is there any with deeper Fanuc 0-M knowlege out there? Mounting spindel probe on 0-MC
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    Is there any with deeper Fanuc 0-M knowlege out there? Mounting spindel probe on 0-MC

    I have an "old" -90 year Kafo VMC-950 with an 0-MC controller on it. The machine works great except for some mechanical issues with the spindel, but that i have almost sorted out...
    Now to my real question, i "happened" to buy a bunch of Renishaw probe stuff fore just pennies from a friend. Would this bee possible to mount on my machine?
    Some of the probe things is an:
    Renishaw MP10 spindelprobe
    Renishaw OMM
    Renishaw MI4/M14? machine interface
    and some other stuff, old MP3 probe....

    First thing i thought i would do was to active the Macro programing on the machine, but there it stopped immediately.
    The machine dont want to activate this option nether Macro-A or B can bee activated or the Macro executer is possible to activate.
    Does this options have something with the size of the machine memory to do? like do you not have enough machine memory "unlocked" you cant activate Macro programing?
    My machine is only "unlocked" to 40M tape memory.
    Or is it any other option/PMC change to bee made to get it working?
    How much memory is the memory board standard equipped with? (no extra memory modules is installed on the board) Fanuc no: A16B-1212-021... only a rectangle on the fourth digit.

    It seems like it can be little sensitive on some forums to discuss the optionparameters so is there someone ho have the knowledge and want to take it on PM alt Email im okay with that...

    The rest of the board numbers on the machine is:
    Crt/monitor unit14": A02B-0092-C200
    Memory board: A16B-1212-021...
    I/O board: A16B-1212-0220/02A
    Axes board: A16B-2200-0360/02A
    PMC-M board: A16B-1211-0901 B
    Graphic board: A16B1211-0920 A
    Mother board: A20B-2000-0170/02A
    Axis/servo board: A20B-1003-0090 (3pcs)
    Spindelservo board: A06B-6059-H206#H511

    My working option parameters are:

    I have also not been checking the hi speed skip signal if that is available on the machine...

    Best regards Stefan

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    Re: Is there any with deeper Fanuc 0-M knowlege out there? Mounting spindel probe on

    Your PM is not active so I can't tell you which bit to change. Also you have no email address listed either. It's a 900 parameter that I am not allow to say on this form as it's agaist CNC Zone rules.

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    Re: Is there any with deeper Fanuc 0-M knowlege out there? Mounting spindel probe on

    Now the private messaging should bee turned on.

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