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Thread: ISAC SAB9500

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    ISAC SAB9500

    As from the other thread about the factory clean up,the owner, a friend of the family is still running a ISAC SAB9500 CNC for a diamond wire granite cutter , the manufacturer has gone bankrupt a long time ago (michelleti) and there are no manuals.I'm not as much intrested in the CNC software as such , but more in the shematics of the machine ...reason...

    I had a quick look inside and got 'very' scared as the 'heart' of the machine runs from a 486 pc...with some very (at least to me) exotic ISA boards with cables running tough the main cabinet...

    I tought I' might ask , since asking doesn't hurt :-).


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    Re: ISAC SAB9500

    Hey hello,
    This is a late reply.
    Why scared of a 486, this work well and is stable.....Why you want to have a Bugatti of a computer when you need to a tractor to do the real work?????
    even this one is too fast for the machine.
    I have machines with such a computer and even replaced it with an lder NUM cnc...186 processor....
    Same speed of work, very robust....

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