Zhejiang, China - June 17, 2024 - JianTai, a leading name in plastic machinery, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary fourth-generation plastic extruder. This cutting-edge machine marks a significant leap forward in energy efficiency and technological advancement in the plastic processing industry.

Innovative Energy Savings
The new extruder is designed to achieve remarkable energy savings of up to 30% compared to previous models. This improvement is a testament to JianTai’s commitment to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of plastic manufacturing. The energy-efficient design helps companies lower their operational costs while adhering to stringent environmental standards.

Advanced Technological Features
JianTai's fourth-generation extruder is equipped with the latest technological advancements to enhance performance and user experience:

Smart Control System: The machine integrates a state-of-the-art PLC touchscreen control system, providing users with intuitive and precise control over the extrusion process.
High-Efficiency Motor: The extruder features a high-efficiency motor that optimizes energy consumption without compromising output quality.
Innovative Screw Design: The newly designed screw improves material flow and reduces processing time, enhancing overall productivity.
Enhanced Cooling System: An advanced cooling system ensures consistent temperature management, crucial for maintaining product quality and extending the machine’s lifespan.
Commitment to Sustainability
“We are thrilled to introduce our fourth-generation extruder, which aligns perfectly with our mission to provide innovative solutions that support sustainable manufacturing practices,” said Li Ming, CEO of JianTai. “By significantly reducing energy consumption, we are helping our clients achieve their environmental goals while enhancing their production efficiency.”

Broader Impacts
This new extruder is expected to benefit a wide range of industries, from packaging to automotive and construction, where plastic extrusion is essential. The machine’s improved energy efficiency will not only reduce operational costs but also contribute to lower carbon footprints for manufacturers.

The fourth-generation extruder is now available for order through JianTai's official website and authorized distributors worldwide. Interested parties are encouraged to contact JianTai for more information and to schedule a demonstration.

About JianTai
JianTai is a renowned manufacturer of Plastic Extrusion Machine, known for its innovative approach and commitment to quality. With decades of experience, JianTai continues to lead the industry in developing machines that combine efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology.

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