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Thread: Jogging XYZ

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    Jogging XYZ

    Hi all.
    Just bought a CNCEST 3040 milling machine, downloaded mach3 demo and tried to jog the XYZ but the machine isn’t moving although the coordinates are moving on the DRO, can someone please tell me if I’m missing something. I’ve set the ports and pins, motor tuning as shown on YouTube video.

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    Re: Jogging XYZ

    Make sure you have the right settings in the ports and pins tab , check the pc in device manager to see what port address your printer port is most common is 378 but it may be something else like e000 or d800 . After finding the correct port address put that in the 1 port . Are you using a laptop ? If so a laptop will only work with a motion controller ie. Smooth stepper

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