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    Jumpy feed in all axis during G1, smooth feed during jog

    Hi all. My first post in this section of the forum, long time forum user/lurker. I have a little enco 9x20 lathe that I converted to cnc, running on a 5 axis breakout and mach3. I had this project in storage for a while and just got determined to complete it. I've got the spindle lined out, my pendant repaired and working great, and now my feed is giving me headaches. I can feed smoothly in job, but when I G1, I get short bursts of movement. If I'm turning square stuff, the dimensions come out, but this won't do for any radii or angles. No good for threads either. Seems to me that it must be a setting since the jog works smoothly. Any advice?

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    Re: Jumpy feed in all axis during G1, smooth feed during jog

    It was due to an older version of Mach3 on that computer. I remembered I had been running it off of another PC and viola, no more issue.

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