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    Question Just Curious - Torus Pro ATC

    Hey Guys;
    I was wondering if anyone has designed and installed their own ATC for a Torus Pro (other than the Novakon Floppy Arm Design)? I'm not so much wondering about the ATC mechanics but the mounting method. I started collecting parts to make a carousel similar to the Novakon but lost interest before the ship left the dock!
    Again, just curious.
    Helicopter def. = Bunch of spare parts flying in close formation! USAF 1974 ;>)

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    Re: Just Curious - Torus Pro ATC

    I have not done so but can see the appeal of one. There are a few kits available from sources other than novakon. The bad news is they are generic and do not come with software. I think programming one is beyond my ability.

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