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    Just need a little help on design here…

    Hi guys. I’m building my first CNC machine and I have come up with a design that I’m pretty set on, but I’m having a little trouble with my y axis details and was to get some input. So basically I’m going to use 2040 extrusion rails along the y axis at both the bed level as well as the max height level. I’ll then have (2) 2060 extrusion rails, one per side, running vertically, connecting the top and bottom rails for my z axis. I’ve decided to use rack mounted on the underside of the 2040, and linear rails on the upper portion of the 2040. I’d like to get some help designing my plates as well as configuration, as both the upper and lower rails will utilize the rack, with Nema23 steppers driving the vertical 2060 up and down the length of the 2040, mounted on the lower track. I can’t come up with an efficient configuration for this, as I’d like to maximize space between the horizontal y axis rails and also utilize a 2gt belt, with tension idler, to drive the upper gear on the rack. I can’t even figure the best side to mount my linear rail and plates to, as I’d like to minimize the amount of weight in order to maximize speed. Any help on the design end of this would be greatly appreciated. Also, in case it matters, the z axis will be driven by a ground screw mounted on each piece of 2060, driven by a Nema23 mounted to the top of each ground screw. My axis will utilize a total of (5) Nema23 steppers, each running off their own output to eliminate the possibility of step loss. The x axis will utilize rack and a gear drive as well. Thank you.

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    Re: Just need a little help on design here…

    Hi McC - a picture is worth a 1000 words. Either CAD or hand sketch is fine. Then we can help. Plus a description of what you want the machine to do as this sets the context of the feedback. Peter

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