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IndustryArena Forum > Other Machines > Engraving Machines > Just purchased Gravograph M40 (2nd hand) DIDNT KNOW about dongle =/
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    Just purchased Gravograph M40 (2nd hand) DIDNT KNOW about dongle =/

    Hi guys,
    Long time lurker of CNC zone, thank you guys for always having great insight. I recently invested in a gravograph M40 which I was excited about. The person I purchased it from ensured me that graveograph would be helpful in providing me with access to their software. Boy was I / he wrong, basically Gravograph told me my machine was as good as a boat anchor until I dropped another 2k on software alone!!! My home burned down last month, so needless to say, I dont have that kind of money to drop on anything, the machine was my hope for getting back on my feet and I was lucky to get that. I don't know what to do at this point and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

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    Re: Just purchased Gravograph M40 (2nd hand) DIDNT KNOW about dongle =/

    I dont think you need dongle to send a file to the machine...but you do have to have software tgat has a post processor for it.. the dongle is only for use of their proprietary software

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