Ok, so any help would be greatly appreciated here. I bought a K2 KG9850 (I think that's the right model, it doesn't say anywhere on the machine) second-hand and am trying to get it to work. I played around with Kmotion and KmotionCNC and was able to get it to run a home command and jog the gantry back and forth, which was good except there were a few bugs here and there it seemed. For example, I couldn't get the spindle (HSD ES915) to move at all. Nowadays, the mindset for intermittent bugs in software is that you need to re-install the software or update it, so that's what I did. Not aware exactly what I was screwing up at the time, I downloaded the latest version of the software and flashed the latest version to the machine. Later I came to find out (by reading these forums) that I just erased the C programs on the KFLOP and now I can't figure out any combination of programs that will make it work again. At the moment I'm running these programs on these threads:

Thread #1- bitJog_sLimit.c
Thread #2- InitStepDir3Axis.c
Thread #3- StopCallBack.c
Thread #4- K2_ToolChange.c
Thread #5- homing_ZYX.c
Thread #6- k2mc_driver.c
Thread #7- k2mc_driver.c

I've read through all of the forums that I can find about these machines and being a noob, I am absolutely stuck and seemingly completely screwed. Currently, the machine will connect to Kmotion and the E-stop will activate all of the axes, but then the x-axis starts slowly jogging itself to the right and it does that until I either press the E-stop or it crashes into the limit switch. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong or what the list of C programs is supposed to be for this machine? Thank you in advance!