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    K2 CNC (maybe KG-3925) not working...

    Hi guys

    I got K2 CNC (I guess it is KG-3925) which is not working.

    I tried most of combination for pin# of step and direction for x, y, and z axis.

    I also checked servo drives and motors as well and they are fine.

    What should I do??

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    Re: K2 CNC (maybe KG-3925) not working...

    I know this is an old post, but I have a KG-3925 so if you're still needing help then let me know a few more details; such as what control software you're running (e.g. Mach), and maybe add a few photos of the control box and wiring configuration.

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    Re: K2 CNC (maybe KG-3925) not working...

    hi there, I also have a K2 router. Im running servos, Gecko drives G320X, and Mach3. Im having issues setting up and configuring Mach3, especially the ports and pins sections. I currently cant get anything to move. Any help would be much appreciated!

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