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    Exclamation K2 CNC Repair Job in Los Angeles Area

    I'm seeking some help getting a 3-axis K2 machine back up and running, and maybe revamping the whole control system.

    It was having some trouble a few years ago with limit switch randomly stopping cuts and has been stored since then. The person who previously dealt with electrical and hardware issues is no longer with the shop and I'm more on the part-design and software side of things. Because of the prior issues and the fact it has been sitting for a while, and since K2 is no longer in business, starting fresh with a new third-party control box and complete rewire might be an option. I never really liked the way it was set up by K2 because it was never a fully closed loop system and the workflow felt kind of dated in 2015. So if there is a way to get it more up to date with newer software and electronics that would be great, almost like a new DIY build. Though I'm not sure how much customization would be possible on this machine, or if it would be worth the cost.

    Ultimately I'm looking for someone with experience on the mechanical side of things who can come look at the machine and assess the best way to getting it running reliably. If you have experience with K2 or a wide enough range of machines and are interested in this kind of gig, please send me a message with your info and we can go from there. I'm including a list of components from the original estimate below:

    50X50" Travel ballscrew router, Y axis uses two ballscrews on the outside of the machine.
    Comes standard with 5"Z, all axises come standard with rigid linear rails and high tolerance
    ballscrews. Backlash .001. Industrial Home Swtiches.

    5050-CON-HS-CC-20... 3) Axis Controller Box. 4 Gecko Drivers, Y bottom axis uses in sync of 2 motors and 2 drivers.
    On X , Y and Z (4) 305 oz/in, 60W, 24VDC, 2800 max RPM, 3.5 A. Close Loop Servos with 1000 line Encoder.
    The encoder has CAT 5 plugs, (parallel, USB, Power cord),
    E-stop hardware with 4 feet length wire with plugs to control box, Home Switches, and Cable
    Carriers. (Newly added relay output only. This is controlled by Mach2 - Mach3 using M
    codes. Does not include the On/Off router spindle relay hardware

    5050-VAC-MDF 4' x 4' Vacuum table, made of MDF, 2 On/Off valves. No Vacuum pump.
    5050-WTL Welded table legs, made of 1.5" and 3" square steel tubing - painted black.
    5050-8ZHBS Z-Axis Upgrade to Rigid Linear Rails w/Ballscrews (8")
    HSD-1073-140 4HP (3KW)..18,000 max RPM..ER 25 Collet type..Digital
    VFD..Pre-Programmed..220V..Additional ABBA Bearing Blocks..Model 1073-140..External
    Fan (Quite)..One or three phase..On/Off feature with Mach 3. Program controlled....00025
    inch spindle run-out..

    Mach3-Soft Mach 3 Control Software and license. (Reads G-Code - Controls CNC). Window XP, 2000,and Vista.
    Processor (1.00GHz) or greater. Memory 256MB DDR SDRAM. Hard Drive
    20GB. USB. Parallel port on mother board or PCI slot. All background software to be
    remove. No laptop installation.

    CAM-VMILLB6 CAM VisualMill basic 6.0 1
    MB=Atom processor
    HD= 250GB
    Ram = 1G DDR2 800mhz
    OS= Win7 Home pre 32 bit or better.

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