I just received my K40 laser the other day and its already having some issues going on. To get everyone up to speed I have aligned my laser to the #1,2 &3 mirrors, installed inkscape and K40 whisper, my problem is that after I turn the machine on it never goes to the home position....not once has it EVER tried going home which I'm assuming is upper left corner. If I turn it off and manually move mirror #3 into the middle of the bed and then turn the machine on it will only move about 3 inches in the Y axis going towards the front of the machine, never will it move in the X axis on its own power after turning it on. Also if its close to the front of the bed and I turn it on it will go until it hits the plastic stopper on the side shaft and keep trying to go forward making a thumping noise until I turn it off. If I open up K40 whisper I can also move the same mirror on the Y axis but not along the X axis by using the controls on the program. I tried reading some of the other post for help but most of them seemed like at first there machine was working basically right out of the box...per say....i have yet to read anything from someone whose machine didn't work right at the get go and I hope there's someone out there who can help