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    Kia KT15. 310 alarm

    I just bought a Kia KT15 turning center and when I power it up it shows a 310 alarm something servos not on, has anyone else had this problem and what had to be done to fix it?

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    Re: Kia KT15. 310 alarm

    I got my Kia KT15 turning center fixed!
    It was throwing a 310 servo off alarm
    The problem was a bad overload not a tripped overload a bad overload! You could reset it to be NC and the contacts inside weren't making contact, first I bypassed it and hooked the wires together and the 310 alarm went away and the lathe powered up and worked great! So I powered it down and removed the overload and took it apart and cleaned the points in it and got it functioning properly and making contact reinstalled it hooked the wires up and the lathe works great now! So if you're having problems don't just check to see if the overloads are tripped check them with a meter and make sure they're working properly!

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