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IndustryArena Forum > Tools / Tooling Technology > CNC Tooling > Kinetic Dust Extractor. Waste of money?
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    Kinetic Dust Extractor. Waste of money?

    Does anybody have any experience with the CMT kinetic dust extractor? Is it a waste of money?

    The dust collection system at the company I work for leaves a lot to be desired, and until they replace it, I'm looking for ways to improve the current situation.

    Any thoughts/advice would be deeply appreciated.




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    Re: Kinetic Dust Extractor. Waste of money?

    Let't talk in PM

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    Re: Kinetic Dust Extractor. Waste of money?

    Quote Originally Posted by RonyChapmen View Post
    Let't talk in PM
    Looking at this as well?

    Can we talk in public about it?

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    Re: Kinetic Dust Extractor. Waste of money?

    I've never heard of them and it sounds very suspicious, so I'm more than sure that they do offer something very far from reality. Good thing there are people who know how to tell the difference between scams and real offers. I lost my job in October and have been looking for earnings online ever since. $20 an hour is how much a year? And is that enough for you to have a comfortable standard of living? If you choose an upscale neighborhood, quality groceries, and daily cab rides, it's not enough, and even more so when you lose your job, but working with forex provided me with comfort.

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