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    Kit vs 100% DIY cost difference

    Greetings all. I am insanely busy at the moment, but I need to lay out a basic financial plan for this fall and for that I need to get a decent idea of how much money I need to allow for this tool.

    I need a 4' x 8' CNC Router table for cutting MDF up to 3/4, plastics up to 1/4, and possibly aluminum sheet metal. Accuracy of 1/16" should be more than good enough for my work.

    I'm looking at the "CNC Router Parts" kit, but it's a bit more expensive than I was hoping I could get away with.

    So, how much money would I need to allow for building 100% DIY using one of the sets of plans from this forum vs. buying a kit like the one from CNC Router Parts? I'm just looking for a decent ballpark figure so I know what to put in my budget for this.


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    Re: Kit vs 100% DIY cost difference

    Probably save around 30%, but plan on spending roughly 300 hours for sourcing, design, and assembly.

    Price can vary considerably depending on the components you choose.

    Their Plug and Play spindle package is $1700, but you can buy a cheap Chinese spindle and VFD for about $350. VFD cable will cost about $100, but your saving 70%

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    Re: Kit vs 100% DIY cost difference

    If you are insanely busy you don't have time to DIY.

    If the process of designing and building a CNC machine is enjoyable to you that is factor. It is for me. I'm slowly designing a decent size metal mill. I don't know what I'll make with it. That's not the point for me, CNC is my hobby.

    If you just want a CNC working and making parts buy the Avid (previously CNC Router Parts) kit
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    Re: Kit vs 100% DIY cost difference

    Don't DIY, That is a job (or hobby) in, and of, itself. Just buy the Avid Prop kit and assemble it. You will save money in the end.

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    Re: Kit vs 100% DIY cost difference

    There are different levels of DIY. I'm in the process or getting a "large" CNC router so am a bit ahead of you in the process. I've pretty much settled on the Avid PRO4848. I see 3 distinct and separable pieces - mechanical assembly (rails, frame, ...), electronics/motors and spindle. Avid will supply all or part of those. For me, doing the mechanical part is a huge time sink with far too many degrees of freedom for even a skilled hobbyist. I will just buy that from Avid. I agree with the Chinese spindle advice. For the Avid price you can buy at least 3 ebay/amazon Chinese spindles/VFDs (4 if you shop around). The plug and play electronics kit is in the middle - if you have an understanding of the electronics and stepper motors needed, it's quite doable. I will be building my own and will probably save about 40% off the Avid price. If electronics is a complete mystery to you - buy the package.

    By the way, be sure to cost out tooling and other incidentals, they add up pretty quickly. I have a lot more invested in router bits than I ever thought possible.

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