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    Kitamura clamp pressure vs drawbar stroke range

    I've got a Kitamura 500i and we've sent the spindle out for repair because of a crash. My question is how much pressure should the drawbar create when clamping a Cat-50 holder? My check of this was around 3300 psi on another Kitamura but the company repairing the spindle is saying the pressure they're seeing is around the 7,000 psi range. Measuring the stroke of the drawbar from the spindle face to the collet bolt inside the spindle gives me a range of .488. Does anyone have any specifications of the correct drawbar clamp psi and stroke range? Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: Kitamura clamp pressure vs drawbar stroke range

    Check the architecture of your machine. I guess, the clamping force is created by spring, it could be ( 5 ... 15 ) tons. Hidraulics used for unclamp only
    only guessing, don't know for sure.
    So, you can reduce the pressure till unclamp failure and double the pressure then.

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