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    KMB1 spindle brake problems

    So... I test drove this machine before I bought it. It worked.
    Took the top off, transported it 700 miles, set it in place, put the top back on.
    Got sidetracked with other things as happens.
    Installed a rotary phase converter, hooked up the wires to the spindle etc on top per the tape markings that showed what went where when e took it apart, except the fan for the spindle motor cover, which I hadn't reinstalled yet.

    Everything worked except the spindle brake. Turn on control, table would go through it's calibration, and could manually move the table around, turn on the spindle, etc. Spindle brake looked like only 1 caliper was activating. This machine has the rotating collar lock for the tool holder, so without a spindle brake, I can't put tools in it (as far as I can tell - please correct me if I'm wrong). Started chasing wiring and got to the relay box in the side cabinet. I have 3 pairs of wires that went to the 2 spindle brake air control solenoids and the fan, twisted pairs of red and white wires. 1 goes to 120v as soon as the power button is turned on, and those wires are marked 'fan'.

    One has 1.6v AC as soon as the machine is turned on, the other 2 have zero at 'on', and 1 of those goes to 120v AC when the spindle brake button is depressed and lit up.
    Can't find a diagram for this section of the machine. Also discovered the cooling fan in the rear transformer cabinet isn't fanning. The cooling fans for the right side control box are 120v AC.

    I considered just wiring both solenoids to the wire that works, or plumbing the air to both brakes from one solenoid, but thought I should be able to figure this out and make it work correctly. I can follow the 3 pairs back to the side cabinet (right side when standing in front of the machine), and at least 1 wire connects to the relay panel in there. I thought I'd come here and tap the collective wisdom before spending the time to trace every red and white pair in this box, and trying to reverse engineer this relay panel. Hoping someone can tell me where to test, etc. I'm not new to electrical diagnostics - I mostly work in 12v dc, but I understand AC, and have proper test equipment and tools. I just don't know how this system is supposed to work, and the owners manual leaves out all of the stuff I'm looking at... I'd really rather make it work as intended, rather than hotwiring stuff.

    Edit: Spindle fan is solved. Didn't do anything, just testing, and suddenly the wire goes hot when it should. Hooked up the fan and it works. Hooked it to the wires for the rear compartment fan, and it comes on as soon as the main switch is thrown on, so that one is a dead fan.

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    Re: KMB1 spindle brake problems

    ...a quick search I found this thread that may help.

    Good luck with new machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by machinehop5 View Post
    ...a quick search I found this thread that may help.

    Good luck with new machine
    Thanks! Figured out I'm an idiot. Diagrams help... The brake problem was never electrical... There's only 1 wire, the other solenoid is for the way oiler (air powered, with the air solenoid up in the head - weird, but whatever). I'm going to go after the mechanical brake problem tomorrow. That should be cake. Air leak, cleaning, or an adjustment.
    Thank you so much for saving me ... Who knows how long chasing electrical ghosts that weren't even there. No idea how I didn't find those diagrams when I searched for them... Guess I need need to work on my search skills ..

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