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Thread: Knurling

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    I’m running a job in a Star SR-38 type B with a 31i-Model B5 Fanuc control. The print calls for a 96 knurl, during the run of the first piece I got a SV0436 error while cutting the knurl. At first we thought it was a tool load issue so we played around with the cut depth and the rpm to see if it would work better. I was able to make 6 parts successfully and then 2/3 the way through the 7th piece I got the SV0436 error again. Does anyone have some tips?

    Original RPM was 175 with a cut depth of 0.46 on 1/2” with a feed of .005 IPR
    Changed to 250 RPM with a cut or 0.47 with feed of .005 IPR

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    Re: Knurling

    The sv0436 alarm is a servo alarm
    The digital servo software detected the soft thermal state (OVC).z axis

    The print calls for a 96 knurl,----
    Is this a straight, diagonal or diamond ?
    is it a straight,beveled edge, or a convex knurl ?
    is this a single knurl tool or a double wheel knurl tool ?
    is this a 96 diametrical pitch ? -- a 96 diametrical pitch knurl will increase by about .014-.016 dia.
    what is the material size before knurling (1/2 ?)
    What type of material is it ?
    what size are you tying to get after the knurling ?

    Original RPM was 175 with a cut depth of 0.46 on 1/2” with a feed of .005 IPR
    if you were trying to knurl 1/2 dia. material at the .460 dia you were turning with the side of the knurl this may be the cause of your alarm

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