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    kohler power generator?

    I want to ask that are kohler power generators environmental friendly? i am planning to buy a generator for my workshop and i am very keen to know about that. Thanks

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    Re: kohler power generator?

    They are as environmentally friendly as any other similar generator. The newer ones run cleaner than the older ones. The natural gas and propane generators run cleaner than the gasoline or diesel generators. Kohler makes good generators.

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    Re: kohler power generator?

    What are your power requirement's, voltage& KW. ? Three Phase? What Fuel Would you like to use Gas, LP, Nat gas or Diesel . I use a 20KW 2 cylinder Detroit Diesel that was a rail car gen set from a Refrigeration car. .6 Gallon's of fuel per hour at full load.
    Off high way fuel has no road tax on it so fuel cost is $2.25 X.6=$1.35 per hour and that is at full load . If it is a back up You Must Be Isolated from the Grid during operation so as to not electrocute the linemen working on an outage. For a remote location or where three phase is not available it would be great other than the engine noise . The Heat from cooling can be diverted to help warm the shop also .

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    Re: kohler power generator?

    If people care about the environment, use one that runs on renewable resources (I.e. EFI can run ethanol) or vegetable oil for diesel gennies... Don't run carburation as it's a big waster of fuel...

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    Re: kohler power generator?

    A temperature chamber is the most basic type of research facility test chamber. A huge variety of advances and equipment are accessible in a temperature test unit. The temperature might be balanced by electric curls, gravity convection, fan-driven convection, or a flowing water shower.

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