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IndustryArena Forum > Hobby Projects > RC Robotics and Autonomous Robots > Kuka KRC 1 windows / driver install
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    Kuka KRC 1 windows / driver install

    I bought 4 Kuka Krc1 (150,180,200) robots.
    They came from a Volkswagen factory.
    But they arrived without the hard drives.
    The seller later sent some random drives,
    all of them have different hardware drivers and installers.
    On each of the hard disks D: drives are Windows installers and different hardware drivers.
    What are the main drivers to get the robot moving?
    Is it possible to retrofit Windows XP to replace Windows 95?

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    Re: Kuka KRC 1 windows / driver install

    You may want to put these questions to the folks on this industrial robot forum;


    Usually someone will chime in with useful info.

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