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    Labview Kmotion help please


    I have just started messing with the Dynomition Kflop board.

    I hope to use the controller with my existing LabVIEW front end but I am having some difficulty getting started.

    I have installed the software package to my pc and run the KmotionCNC.
    All is good, the software sees the board and I can run the Gcode programmes.

    I then tried to run the Labview sample programme Kmotion Dot Net Sample.vi and get the following error

    Constructor Node Error creating instance of KM_Controller in assembly KMotion_dotNet.KM_Controller, KMotion_dotNet, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=fcaf9556d6f68c3a, (KMotion_dotNet.DMException: Dll Not Found Exception thrown : Caller - [KMotion_dotNet.KM_Controller] :: Member - [KM_Controller]) <append><b>KMotion_dotNet.DMException</b> in Kmotion DotNet DLL Sample.vi

    I don't really understand what this means, could you offer any guidance please.

    I am running Windows 10 and Labview 2018 32 bit

    Many thanks



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    Re: Labview Kmotion help please

    Hi Mike,

    Its saying Labview can't find our libraries. The simplest thing is probably to add our:

    <Install Directory>\KMotion\Release

    to your Windows Path.

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    Re: Labview Kmotion help please


    brilliant that fixed it.

    Many thanks for your rapid response.



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