Well long time no see. I cant bleive that I delved into all this 15 years ago. I looked at my old thread and was just shocked at how time goes by.

Anyway i picked up a new to me Laguna cnc and I am looking to get it up and running and need some advice.

the breakout board is a 50 pin board. and I think I just want to put a new style breakout board into it. I have a plasma table that runs geko 540 and a serial port. (Mach 3) and my original cobbled together CNC from 15 years ago the runs old xylotex boards and mach3.

I will post pick of the new to me Laguna (build date 2011). I got it at a government auction (local school). I was told they never used it and it sorta looks that way. I paid a whopping $500 and I am ecstatic to have this. it is a 4ft x 4ft.

So my dilema is I have actually been running 32 bit pcs on my CNC's for a hobby for a decade with very few issues. at least not enough to really need to post or even switch to mach 4 etc.

SO this brings me to this:

The machine runs MA860H drives
24v for the power supply and it appears 70v power supply to the steppers.
The steppers are 86BYGH450A-06 and seem to still be sold I am guessing the 450A stands for 4.5amp possibly (i just downloaded the spec sheet)
The VFD is a E300 2S0015L which decodes to 2 = 220v S= single phase 0015= 1.5 kw the L I am not sure B stands for Braking which it must not have

The driver they are using I don't quite understand and assume it is proprietary.

I was looking at getting a UC100 since I can use that on my other machines until I buy another. I am unsure on what breakout board. and also a place to get a uc100 and know it's real. I found an ebay seller in Illinois. The originator of the unc stuff appears to be in Britain but I am not finding official resellers in us.

This is the link with a breakout board.

Anyway, I am looking for advice. I could buy a cheap breakout board and hook it in and use the 32 bit pcs I have but a new touchscreen would be nice.

What would you use, and where to get a good item from.
I would like control of the spindle with speed if possible and the ability for a 4th axis since I have a rotary already.

Here are the pics. I am posting because I have spent 4 days reading online and have confused myself into a corner. I would like to stick with Mach 3 for now, but I see uccnc might be a good option. I would kinda like to stay off linux