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    Laguna Smartshop 2 HELP!

    First Post Here,

    Background: I own a high end remodeling company that builds custom cabinetry & millwork for most of our projects. We recently purchased a Laguna Smartshop 2.

    The issues with this machine have been ongoing since the first day we fired it up.

    During our setup with a Laguna tech the machine lost position while touching off a tool and crashed into the spoil board. We continued with the setup

    While making its first cuts while setting up the machine, with a Laguna tech, the dust hood brackets fell off causing the whole dust hood assembly to bend and get pushed into the spindle.

    We were instructed to check the machine for square. It was way out. While making the adjustments ourselves we discovered that 2 of the bolts that hold the gantry to the carriages were finger loose.

    The machine consistently lost position over the past several months. Laguna has had techs on site 2 time to square the machine. The second time they installed a new controller with new drivers in it.

    So here I am yesterday thinking we have finally fixed it and it lost position again.

    Is this normal while getting a new machine set up? I am inclined to think not. They are in the process of picking the machine up and refunding me my money.
    My preference would be for this machine to work fine and not cause me issues. I have a local CNC guy telling me Laguna Machines are junk.

    Thoughts? Suggestions on a replacement machine?

    Thanks All

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    Re: Laguna Smartshop 2 HELP!

    From what I've read over the years, ALL Laguna machines can be hit or miss, not just their CNC's.
    Some people have terrible experiences, and some have great experiences.

    The best alternatives are probably Camaster or ShopSabre. Both are USA built, rather than Chinese imports like the Laguna and most others.

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