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Thread: lambda 21a

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    Oct 2022

    lambda 21a

    Recently I purchased a cnc controller of
    "Weihong nk280b", with "Lambda 21a"

    It is very hard to find information or instructions
    about, how to wire everything to my cnc table components.

    Such as a VFD spindle, ATC tool control system, limit switches .

    It will be very helpful if enyone can help me with that.
    or It will be very helpful if you can draw all the wiring, on the lambda 21a board.

    Tanks very much
    Adi Franco

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    Re: lambda 21a

    hi ,it is Weihong system from China , do you have the manual ? contact with me on whatsapp +8618560201508 then engineer check if supply support to you .

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