EDIT: Please delete this post, as I have put it in wrong section.

Hello folks.

I was fortunate enough to purchase this set from my employer, and now I have realized that this is too big for me. I was planing to make a larger 4 axis machine, but I was over my head.

Machine was disassembled and I am looking for a smaller machine which actually can enter my garage and I can put it on small wheels and actually move it.

If anyone is interested in swapping a smaller machine for this parts, I would be very interested.

All parts are in working order and has been taken of from perfectly working machine. All cables, belts and mechanical parts are in the set.

This is the parts I have:


A06B-0239-B201 - IS 12/4000 HV x2
A06B-0273-B201 - IS 40/4000 HV x3
A06B-0266-B501 - IS 22/4000 HV x1
A06B-1509-B153 - IL 17/7000 HV x1


A06B-6120-H045 Fanuc Alpha iPS 45HV 400V x1
ALPHA i SPINDLE MODULE MDL SPM-30i - A06B-6111-H030#H550 x1 With gearbox module installed on it.
A06B-6124-H209 x2
A06B-6124-H208 x1

Control Board:

Series 18/-MB x1

If anyone is interested, please ping me here or PM.

If I am out of my way, please instruct me, as I havent posted this list on Ebay or anywhere else for sale, I am interested in swap.